At Thursday, May 27, 2010 the Obama Administration unveiled a new national security doctrine that would join diplomatic engagement and economic discipline with military power to bolster America's standing in the world.

The United States National Security Strategy acts as a blueprint for how a White House administration intends to protect Americans. It also is intended as a framework for strategy documents produced by other parts of the government, including the Pentagon's national defense strategy.

In the past, it has focused mostly on international threats. However, homegrown terrorism will be part of the United States National Security Strategy for the first time. National Security Adviser John Brennan said Wednesday that Obama “explicitly recognizes the threat to the United States posed by individuals radicalized here at home”.

Obama's new doctrine represents a clear break with the unilateral military approach advocated by his predecessor after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Although the global war against terrorism continues in Afghanistan and Pakistan, president Obama defined broader security challenges. Threats facing the nation are also nuclear weapons proliferation, economic instability, global climate change and an erosion of democratic freedoms abroad.

At the beginning pages of the National Security Strategy Obama writes that "Our Armed Forces will always be a cornerstone of our security, but they must be complemented. Our security also depends upon diplomats who can act in every corner of the world (...); development experts who can strengthen governance and support human dignity; and intelligence and law enforcement that can unravel plots, strengthen justice systems and work seamlessly with other countries."

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