In June of this year the Peace Palace Library has launched a new website. This new website was meant to enhance your user experience and your overall access to the PPL online information services.

Although most of the standard information delivery services have remained operational, to our great regret, some of the newly designed features are not yet fully functional. In fact, these have recently obstructed your interaction with the PPL online Library Services.

Naturally, for the past few weeks, the PPL staff have taken notice of many requests to address these issues.

Owing to this, the PPL staff would like to reassure you that we are working diligently towards achieving a permanent solution for all the current technical challenges on the website. In fact, two of the challenges, extending the term of your library membership and online payment, have already been corrected and are now operational.

The Peace Palace Library always strives to deliver a flawless user experience to all our patrons and will continue to do so. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this temporary lapse in services might have caused you.

Should you require any personal assistance,  please do not hesitate to contact us directly via

All incoming messages will be replied to within two business days.



The PPL Team

​​​​​​New website Login Instructions (for existing Library Card holders)*

*Genuine new Users of the Library have to proceed to ‘Become a Member!’ at the right side of the webpage, and should pay first and then fill in the mandatory forms accurately

Are you a first time User of the NEW digital platform of the Peace Palace Library (and existing Card Holder)?

Please carefully and precisely follow the instructions hereunder to RE-activate your (already existing) account in order to become entitled to 1] access information pages of our Library, 2] access the Library's Catalogue and 3] access the electronic resources available on our website.

The following steps need to be set, exactly as described:

  1. Click the blue Log-in button in the upper right hand corner of the homepage
  2. Click the blue Fetch Account button in the middle of the screen
  3. Please fill out the email address you have used already for your personal Library account as well as your membership number (barcode) which you can find on your Library Card.
  4. You are now taken to the Create Account screen. When you scroll down this page, you will need to create a new password (all fields marked with a * are compulsary).
  5. Please click the button ‘Verify’ or the button ‘Safe’.
  6. The next screen should state ‘Creation Successful’. Please ignore all other buttons on this page and now close the registration page.
  7. After closing this page you have to re-open and login (by clicking the blue login button in the upper right corner) with your unique username (= your email address) and the just created new password.

In case you have not followed the instructions carefully you will end up in a loop. The Library can help you out manually, but this action to repair the error may take some time.

In case you experience any difficulties, please send an email to

Visiting the Library upon Registration

The Library's Reading Room is re-opened for visitors as from Thursday May 20, 2021. Your visit will be impacted by Covid-19. All social distancing requirements which were previously introduced will remain in place. We kindly request you to prepare for your visit by reading the COVID-19 Flyer and Protocol first.

A reservation for each visit will be compulsory. A maximum of 25 people will be allowed to visit the Library on a daily basis.


In conformity with Dutch governmental measures, face masks will be mandatory in public indoor areas. We kindly request all our visitors - whether or not you have been vaccinated - to wear a face mask upon entering the Peace Palace, when walking around in the Security Lodge, the Library Reading Room and in case you have to use the rest rooms. Once seated at your designated study spot, you may remove your face mask.

We look forward to welcoming you again soon! Stay healthy, stay safe!

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