Poster collection

The Peace Palace Library holds a unique collection of posters. Explore a selection of this very special collection within the Peace Palace Library!

This collection contains woodcuts, etchings, engravings, lithographs, photographs, drawings, posters, and maps. Together they form a visual supplement to the book collection. They show important historical scenes or persons.

They refer to themes and subjects, which are research topics in the library. Especially the so-called “Poster- collection” reflects subjects as “Peace”,  “War” and “Anti-war movements”. The images on the Posters from World War I and World War II give vivid impressions of the horrors of war, calling for support for the war parties and the fight against fascism.

In various languages war propaganda texts, or warnings for socialist, Bolshevik terror or the Nazi regime are shown in bold graphics. The peace- related posters picture images of peace (doves etc.) and the efforts of international organizations for a peaceful society. The posters offer an extra dramatic illustrative dimension to the books.

A short description is added with information about the designer, printer, date of print, color, size and language.


Copies can be made for research, education or private use. Questions of copyright will be dealt with appropriately by the Peace Palace Library.

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