The Peace Palace Library is the international law library serving the international legal community. Based in The Hague, the international city for Peace and Justice, the Library plays a essential role in the functioning of international law and is recognised within the community for its excellent legal information services. The Library’s extensive collection covers international law, public and private, foreign and comparative law, war and peace issues. The Library is renowned for its precious Hugo Grotius and Peace Movement collections.

Academia, legal research institutes, international tribunals and law firms: anyone with an interest in international law is welcome to visit the Peace Palace Library. Upholding the ideal of ‘Peace through Law’, the Library is committed to achieving peace by facilitating the important work being done by the community: collecting, delivering, and disseminating customized, high-value knowledge of international law. Recognizing the postion of library and information services and cultural heritage within the UN 2030 Development Agenda, the Library furthermore is endorsing the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Your support contributes to the preservation and further development of our important Library collection. In addition, your support contributes to the dissemination of international law within the international legal community and enables us to continue the supporting role we offer in organizing activities concerning important themes such as peace and law.

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If you inform us of your intent, we can certainly consider all options with you. The Peace Palace Library is exempt from Dutch inheritance tax for inheritances received from testaments and wills. A bequest or legacy allows you to determine which part of your estate you would like to leave to the Library and can be made in the form of cash or property.

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