FAQ Library Services

Visiting the Library - What are the Opening Hours of the Peace Palace Library?

The Peace Palace Library is open from Monday-Friday from 10.00-17.00. Peace Palace Security allows visitors to access the premises until 16.30 to return books to the Library.

Visiting the Library - What do I need to visit the Peace Palace Library?

When visiting the Library, please bring with you a valid photo ID (Passport, EU ID Card or EU driver's license) and your Library Card or your Library Membership payment confirmation email in case you are a first time user. When you arrive at the Security Gate, please present your valid photo ID, Library Card or your Library Membership payment confirmation email and inform the Security guard that you would like to visit the Library.

Visiting the Library - I forgot my Photo ID-card / I do not have a Valid Photo ID-card with me. Can I still enter?

Without a valid Photo ID, it will not be possible to enter the premises of the Peace Palace.

Visiting the Library - How do I find the rest rooms?

The rest rooms for visitors are located in the basement of the Libary/Academy Building.

Visiting the Library - How do I find the cloak room?

A cloakroom for visitors is provided in the basement of the Libary/Academy Building. Lockers are available as well to safely store your personal belongings.

Visiting the Library - Can I do research for free?

No. In order to visit and conduct research at the Peace Palace Library, you will need to become a member of the Library. You can apply for an annual Library Membership (50.00 Euros) by clicking on the red button on the right ('Become a Member').

Visiting the Library - Is the Peace Palace Library accessible for the disabled?

Yes, the Reading Room and the public areas of the Peace Palace Library are fully accessible to wheelchair users. Please contact us if you have any concerns at library@peacepalace.org.

Visiting the Library - If I go to the Peace Palace Library, can I walk around the Peace Palace and its gardens?

Access to the Peace Palace and the Gardens is prohibited unless you booked a Guided Tour of the Peace Palace. Walking around the Gardens and the Peace Palace is regarded as trespassing and Security will remove and ban you from the premises.

Visiting the Library - Does the Library have a dress code?

The Peace Palace Library does not have a formal dress code. However, we expect our patrons to be dressed in appropriate attire. T-shirts or blouses, trousers/pants/shorts (shorts of appropriate length-below panty line) are all acceptable. All trousers must cover posterior. No flip-flops and no swim suits are allowed.

Membership - What are the costs for Library membership?

We have an annual Library membership (Card) for € 50,00.

Membership - I heard students get a free Library membership, is this correct?

No, this is not correct.

Membership - What are the payment methods at the Library?

We accept pin (VISA and Mastercard and some credit cards (but not American Express) at the Reading Room desk. Unfortunately, online payments such as PayPal are not possible at the moment. N.B. For security related purposes and due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we will only accept digital payments. This means that we will accept contactless payments, payments by pin or payments with a mobile phone.

Reading Room - Can I browse the shelves?

Only the books on the Reading Room shelves can be browsed. Most of the collection is held in closed-access storage. In order to access this part of the collection, it is necessary to search for material via the online Library catalogue and request your materials in advance.

Reading Room - Can you take pictures of collections materials with your own camera?

Taking pictures of publications with your own camera for personal use is allowed. However, as far as antique and rare books from before 1900 are concerned, this first needs to be approved by a member of the Library staff.

Reading Room - How long can I stay in the Reading Room? Can I study there?

If you have a Library card, you may stay in our Reading Room during our hours of operation. Please make sure to register at least one day in advance here: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/PeacePalaceLibrary1@vredespa…

Reading Room - Can I order photocopies of collection material from the Reading Room?

Unfortunately, we do not provide general photocopy service, however researchers are allowed to use their own portable photographic devices such as phones, cameras and iPad to take images of our collection material for personal study or reference. It is also possible to use the photocopying and printing machines in the Copy Room which is connected to the Reading Room. It is necessary to buy copy/printing credit at the Service Desk in the Reading Room.

Reading Room - Can I use a laptop or tablet in the Library?

You can work with your laptop or tablet in the Library. A socket for your laptop is available at every desk in the Reading Room. Also, you can join our free wireless network. Please ask the Librarian at the Service Desk for the access key.

Reading Room - Can I use my mobile phone in the Library?

You may use your mobile phone in the Library for texting/messaging. Your mobile phone must be turned to silent mode. It is not allowed to make or take phone/skype/facetime calls inside the Library Reading Room.

Reading Room - What materials am I allowed to bring into the Library?

Please note that no food or drinks except plain water in secured bottles are allowed to be brought into the Reading Room. Visitors are allowed to bring in pens, paper, a laptop and /or Ipad, a hand scanner and your valuables. Bags and coats must be kept in lockers which can be found in the basement of the Library/Academy Building.

Reading Room - Can I take pictures in the Reading Room?

No. You may not take touristic photographs of the Reading Room and visitors during your stay. But you are allowed to take pictures of most of the collection materials you would like to consult for personal use. However, if it concerns antique and rare publications, you need to request special permission from the Reading Room staff.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - How do I request a book from your Catalogue?

Please visit our Catalogue. Sign in with your Username and Password. In case a publication is only available in paper, you must place a [HOLD] on the document. In case a publication is available digitally, please click on the button 'Access Journal/View E-Book'. You will be taken to the full text of the publication. Additional LOGIN Information: Membership before 2019: log in with your Library Card number (Username) and Password. Membership after 2019: log in with your email (Username) and Password. In case you encounter problems, please contact us by sending a message to library@peacepalace.org.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - How long does it take before I can see something I have requested?

It takes approximately 45-60 minutes from the moment you request a print publication, provided it has not already been lent out to another user. As soon as the book is available for pick-up a the Service Desk, you will receive an automatic notification email. We kindly request you to wait approximately five minutes after receiving the email to pick up the book at the Service Desk.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - Where can I find the books that I have requested?

All materials that you have requested can be found and collected at the Service Desk in the Reading Room.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - I am unable to return the books in time due to (personal) circumstances. What can I do?

Please send us an email as soon as possible to library@peacepalace.org. The Library staff will evaluate your situation and will give instructions or provide a solution.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - How do I make a reservation for a book which is borrowed by another user?

After placing a HOLD, a message will appear indicating the book is loaned out. This message includes the 'return date' of your requested item. As soon as the book is returned to the Library, you will be notified by email.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - Can I order books or articles myself to be sent to my University or National Library?

No, we only accept Inter-Library Loan (ILL) requests from other Libraries. We do not accept requests by private persons.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - How do I get books or articles when I am not at the Peace Palace Library or in case I cannot visit it?

The Peace Palace Library engages in Inter-Library Loan (ILL) with all University and National Libraries in the World. Contact your home University or National Library, ask them for the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) services and the terms under which they provide this service. There may be costs attached.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - If I order books from abroad, will these books be sent to me?

No, Library books will not be sent abroad for individual members. You will have to visit the Libary in person to consult or lend the books.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - How do I know when I can collect the book(s) I requested?

After placing a [HOLD], your requested item will be available after 45-60 minutes at the Services Desk in the Reading Room of the Library. An email will be sent to you once the book is almost ready to be collected at the Services Desk. We kindly request you to wait another 5 minutes after receiving the email.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - Will I receive a message when the book is due?

When the book is overdue, you will receive reminders by email. After the final reminder, you will have to pay a fine. You can check the due date for each borrowed item in your personal account [My Library Account] after you log into the Catalogue. Please check your spam folder and adjust your incoming messages to your inbox to make sure you don't miss any reminders from the Library.

Borrow, renew, & return Library materials - Can I extend my books online?

Yes, you can renew your books online after you log into the Library catalogue. Please select from the grey colored drop down menu the option [My Library Account]. Please click on the option [Renew]. Please note that it will not be possible to extend the loan period if your book has been reserved by another user.

Various questions - I need a letter of admission/invitation for the Library in order to arrange a visa. How can I acquire one?

Please send an e-mail to library@peacepalace.org with the information regarding your visit (dates of the duration of your stay or a time period, your name, your university, your position and subject of your research). We will subsequently send you a formal letter of admission. We also strongly recommend that you register for a Library Membership, preferably a week in advance of your visit.

Various questions - Who can I contact if I have lost something at the Library?

If you lose something during your visit, please approach the Reading Room staff for assistance or send us an email at library@peacepalace.org.

Various Questions - How many electronic resources (articles or e-Books) can I download?

Downloading and printing materials from the Digital Library is covered by Dutch copyright laws and license terms of database vendors. Excessive downloading is strictly prohibited. For this reason, we kindly request all users to download materials in moderation. Downloading or printing entire issues or volumes of an online Journal or every Recueil de Cours is not permitted. Different rules may apply for online databases. We recommend users to consult the (license) terms and conditions for each online database. The Library webteam monitors user activity. In the event that the webteam detects systematic or excessive downloading activities, we will have to take appropriate measures. For more information, please also read the Library Regulations under 8. In case you have any further questions, please contact us at library@peacepalace.org.

Various Questions - How does the Peace Palace Library ensure the privacy of its members?

The Peace Palace Library and the Carnegie Foundation process personal information and other data in accordance with applicable legislation. On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was entered into force. This means that from this date onwards, the same privacy legislation will apply to all member states of the European Union (EU). The Dutch name for the GDPR is: Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming (AVG). We consider it of great important to handle your personal data with the utmost care. Please find detailed information on how we handle your personal data, which rules apply and what you can expect from us in our Privacy Statement.In case you have questions related to privacy issues please contact us at privacy@peacepalace.org.