Poster for "World Food Summit: 5 years later" (10 - 13 June 2002), showing two maps: One map by FAO 'Hunger around the world', showing the percentage of population undernourished. One map by UNICEF called 'Underweight children around the word', showing the percentage of underweight children under five.

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10-06-2002 to 13-06-2002
420 x 594 mm

Text on poster

The Hunger Map. World Food Summit 5 years later.
Hunger around the world. 815 million people have insufficient access to food.
Underweight children around the word. Inadequate food and poor health leave 150 million under five with low low weight for their age.
Reducing hunger is more than a moral imperative. It is a sound investment to booth economic growth and alleviate poverty.

Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information and mapping systems FIVIMS.

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