On 15 August 1905 the “Programme of the Competition for the Architectural Plan of the Peace Palace for the use of the Permanent Court of Arbitration with a Library” was sent out all over the world. The competition was open to all. On the closing day, 15 April 1906, no less than 216 plans had been submitted, covering a total of more than 3.000 drawings.

Prize competitions are very likely to arouse jealousy, disappointment, and protests from all sides. One of many satirical comments on the Peace Palace Prize Competition is this cartoon, taken from the 'Nederlandsche Spectator' and featuring a cacophony of styles, with a pair of guns at the front entrance and Golden Calf idols all over the grounds so as to stress the idea of vainglorious pomp. (Eyffinger, A.C.G.M., The Peace Palace: Residence for Justice, Domicile of Learning, The Hague, Carnegie Foundation, 1988, pag. 63-75)

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1905 to 1906

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