Interlibrary Loan / Interlibrary Copy Requests

WorldShare ILL

The Peace Palace Library has a large collection which is accessible inside the Peace Palace Library. To accommodate the people who are unable to come to the Library, it is possible to use the Interlibrary Loan SystemThrough this system, it is possible to request books and copies from the Peace palace. These will then be sent to the person/organization that requested them. 

The Peace Palace Library uses the OCLC WorldShare ILL system.

Non-WorldShare requests

Not all libraries are participants in the WorldShare system. These libraries can send requests by e-mail at
If we agree to the requests, payment can be made either through an invoice or by IFLA Vouchers.

Private Requests

Only requests facilitated through a library or institution will be taken in consideration. Private requests for copies/books will be denied.
To request books and copies from the Peace Palace Library, you can contact your university library, national library or organizational library.


  • The Peace Palace Library is not required to honor all requests made through the Inter Library Loan system.
    Requests can be denied based on the age, state, importance, size of the requested book or publication.
  • The Librarian can request books back before the expiration date of the lending period.
    In this case, books must be returned immediately.
  • The library staff will not copy whole books, unless the copyright has expired.