To expand the Peace Palace Library's National Law Collection, the Carnegie Foundation for the Centenary of the Peace Palace started the Embassy Book Donation Project in which Embassies in The Hague are requested to donate law books regarding their national laws and legislation. The Embassies of Ecuador and Malta were the first ones willing to participate. Find out more what publications on Ecuadorian and Maltese law are now part of our collection. 

Last month, H.E. Martin Valentino, Ambassador of the Republic of Malta and Ms. Daniela Sultana, first secretary of the Embassy of Malta visited the Library and generously donated the following publications on Maltese Law. These are:

1. An Introduction to Maltese Financial Services Law, by Dr. Max Ganado, Allied Publications, 2009. An Introduction to Maltese Financial Services Law aims at helping the financial services operator in Malta to rationalize the massive volume of laws and regulations which govern the sector. It provides an introductory review of at least 15 important aspects, from the laws of contracts, trusts and corporate structures to the laws of confidentiality, taxation regulation, national interest, data and consumer protection. The review provides an international operator looking at Malta as a place of business within the European Union with a viewpoint on what Malta has to offer as it takes up the challenge of becoming an international staging post within the EU for financial services.

2. The Maltese Legal System, Volume 1, by Professor D.J. Attard, Malta University Press, 2012. The book is a masterly exposition of Maltese law, both the substantive part as well as that concerning organisation and procedure. It can serve as an introduction to Maltese Law for both the Maltese student and the foreign lawyer who would wish to become acquainted with Malta’s way of dealing with law and legal problems. This work can also take non-lawyers gently by the hand, opens doors and guides readers through the mazes and mysteries of the main theoretical fundamentals of the law as well as through its practical legal structures.

H.E. Ambassador Miguel Eduardo Calahorrano Camino of The Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador has generously donated the following publications:

1. Derecho Constitucional del Ecuador versión alfabética, by Dr. Ramon Eduardo Burneo, Quito, 2012.

2. Manual de derecho constitucional, by J.L. Holguín (et al.), Corporación de Estudios y Publicaciones (2009).

3. Manual De Derecho Internacional Privado Ecuatoriano, by Dr. J.L. Holguín, Corporacion de estudios y publicaciones, 1998.

4. Derecho Civil Del Ecuador VI Las Ultimas Reformas, by J.L. Holguín, Corporacion De Edtudois Y Publicaciones.

The Peace Palace Library would like to express its deep gratitude and appreciation to the Embassy of the Republic of Malta and the Embassy of Ecuador  in response to their recent book donation to our special book project as part of our upcoming centennial celebrations.