The Peace Palace Library is happy to announce the launch of a new e-book platform called Dawsonera.

Dawsonera provides a comprehensive collection of electronic books about foreign, international and comparative law from a wide range of well-known publishers. To name a few: Hart Publishing, Routledge, Butterworth, Palgrave Macmillan, MOHR Siebeck, Leiden University Press and many more. The number of titles in dawsonera continues to rise as content from newly signed publishers and weekly feeds from existing publishers are loaded to the platform. Dawson Books works in partnership with institutions and publishers (for instance Erasmus) to ensure that front list material relevant to the academic community is available on dawsonera on the platform at the time the printed book is published.

Dawsonera is a welcome addition to the databases with e-books on our website, like Springer, Kluwer and Nijhoff Publishers.

Dawsonera on our website will show those e-books the Peace Palace Libray has purchased.

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions in Dawsonera you will be able to look into other books the Peace Palace Library has purchased.

The cooperation with Dawsonera will be a major step forward in the development and extension of the digital library of the Peace Palace Library.