This year, right before Christmas,  a Peace Flame will be lit when a new World Peace Flame Monument is unveiled near the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek, the museum which remembers the Battle of Arnhem at the end of World War II. Last week,  six enthusiastic students from Doorwerth came to the ‘Hague’ monument in front of the Peace Palace to collect the flame which is going to burn at the monument in Oosterbeek.  The ignition of this flame is part of an extraordinary project called the ‘World Peace Flame Foundation’. The goal of this project is to light a Peace Flame in every part of the world. Nowadays there are many Peace Flames to be found worldwide. This eternal flame symbolizes the never ending hope for peace.

The Peace Flame outside the entrance gates of the Peace Palace has been burning here since 2002. Two years later, in 2004, a World Peace Flame Pathway was added to the monument. This path consists of 197 native stones or stones with a special meaning from the UN-recognized countries and regions around the world. A stone of the Berlin Wall is found in the pathway and a rock from Robben Island, the island where Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. They represent the commitment of each nation to peace, together forming a symbolic pathway to peace.

The new Peace Flame in Oosterbeek shall be a new monument for the hope for world peace, as the World Peace Foundation says: “We believe in the essential freedom of the human spirit to create peace at any time under any circumstance – a view endorsed by the millions of people who have lit 'The World Peace Flame' as a symbol of this dream.”

By Ms. J. Wieringa