LLMC Digital is a database containing full-text legal publications, mostly on Anglo-American Law as well as foreign jurisdictions from selected countries. It includes books, journals, law reports, legislation and government publications. These legal materials , dating from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, cover a wide range of legal topics such as: British Empire studies, canon law, military law, comparative law, Roman law and legal philosophy. Materials from the United States Federal Government, States and Territories are also included. These are: US Supreme Court Reports,  the US Code (1925-1990s) , Official Edition (1790-1996), First series of West's regional Reporters (1880s-1925).

In addition, this database provides materials from selected countries including the United Kingdom, the English Reports (1378-1865) and individual series of nominate reports, UK official publications about other countries (these will be listed under the names of the respective countries), India, Pakistan, Iraq, Japan, Palestine, South-Africa.

Lastly, this database also contains monographs and titles covering legislation, Treaties and case law.