Last month, the librarians were pleasantly surprised when the Embassy of Peru in The Hague donated two journals, namely Revista Peruana de Derecho Internacional to the Library. Even though this is an open access journal, the printed version from 1941 – 2019 is available in the library collection as well.

The Peruvian Journal of International Law is the dissemination body of the Peruvian Society of International Law which, since its creation in 1941, aims to provide a multidisciplinary contribution on the main aspects of international reality. Original contributions to the world of law, political science, international relations, economics, history and other branches of knowledge from an international perspective are included in this journal.

In the interest of promoting greater global knowledge, the RPDI provides free and open access to its content, since knowledge must be available to everyone, in Peru and the rest of the world.

The editorial team consists of many eminent scholars such as professor Tulio Treves, professor Alain Pellet, professor Patrícia Galvão Teles, professor Jean-Marc Thouvenin and professor Marcelo Kohen among many others.

The Peace Palace Library would like to express its gratitude to the Peruvian Embassy in The Hague for their generous donation and support which helps us create a resource-rich library.

These publications are now part of the collection:

  • Revista Peruana de Derecho Internacional: Órgano de difusión de la sociedad Peruana de Derecho Internacional, Tomo LXX- Agosto 2020 N* 165, Lima-Perú .
  • Revista Peruana de Derecho Internacional: Órgano de difusión de la sociedad Peruana De Derecho Internacional, Tomo LXX Enero – Abril 2020 N* 164, Lima – Perú


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