The Peace Palace Library has a subscription of approximately 85 databases. These databases, which mostly provide legal content, cover a diversity of legal subjects from different countries and even different time periods that cannot be found trough general search engines. In this section, we like to bring to your attention the major legal database LawinfoChina. This online database offers the possibility to access materials in English for Chinese law. The content is available in Chinese as well. Among many features, this database allows you to search or browse the table of contents of 44 leading Chinese law journals and also official gazettes. Find out just how much more this database has to offer!

LawinfoChina is an online legal database established by Peking University in association with the University’s Legal Information Center. This database includes more than 270,000 pieces of laws, regulations, legal essays, and other legal information of China, as well as the content of all legal gazettes published in China, such as the Gazette of the Supreme People's 'Court of the People's Republic of China' and others. Materials cover judicial interpretations, local and municipal regulations, contracts and legal forms, laws concerning Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, Sino-foreign treaties, foreign laws and regulations, This database also contains protocols of China's accession to the WTO and the annexes thereof, Chinese and English texts of the legal documents of the WTO and the amendments to Chinese laws and regulations after China's accession to the WTO. ChinaLawInfo also provides access to a Tax Treaties database which covers all currently effective tax treaties the Chinese government has entered into with foreign governments (incl. the Hong Kong SAR). Other legal fields are: administrative law, civil law, criminal law, economic law, intellectual property law, and maritime law, legislative history, and much more. This database is updated every five minutes (except on weekends) and contains almost all laws and regulations from 1949 until today. The database suppliers also offer free support for users who need help in finding laws or regulations they need.