In the early Spring of this year, the International Criminal Court launched on its website a free online Model Course for Spanish speakers on  ‘International Criminal Law and the International Criminal Court’. This project is supported by the Ibero-American Institute of The Hague for Peace, Human Rights and Justice and El Rosario University in Colombia and aims to favor both teaching and learning about International Criminal Law and the ICC in Ibero-American countries and by those who speak Spanish in other areas of the world. The Course is organized into 16 classes, covering 160 topics and includes 500 recommended readings. The modules cover topics such as evidence, the protection of victims and witnesses, the treatment of crimes committed against minors or for gender reasons and many more. All assigned readings are of a doctrinal nature and are freely available online in the Spanish language and can be downloaded from the website of the ICC.

This programme has been carried out by Professor Héctor Olásolo, Professor at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia and President of the Ibero -American Institute of The Hague for Peace, Human Rights and International Justice. Professor Olásolo collaborated on this project with researchers Lucia Carcano, Daniela Suárez and Vanessa Bonilla.

Online Model Course