International commercial arbitration

  • Peace Palace Library: International Arbitration update

    August 2, 2019

    This blog gives an overview on updates concerning international arbitration in the Peace Palace Library collection. This includes new titles of the Oxford International Arbitration Series. The series publishes books of quality and originality on subjects of practical importance in modern international arbitration, focusing on emerging topics. Further on the Research Guide on international arbitration is mentioned and the Peace Palace Library Databases on international arbitration.

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  • Kluwer Arbitration Online Update

    August 31, 2018

    The Kluwer Arbitration Online database has been updated. Six new e-book titles have recently been added. Kluwer Arbitration Online covers both primary and secondary resources. The database contains the major international agreements, rules, and institutional information available in current international arbitration and investment arbitration. The database also includes case law of awards, notes, commentary, institutional rules, model clauses from leading publications, book reviews, organizations, national laws and national rules of several countries, events, newsletter, blogs, and even some submissions or interim orders under various arbitral regimes related to international arbitration and investment arbitration.

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  • PCA to host Vis Pre-Moot in March 2015

    Permanent Court of Arbitration to host Vis Pre-Moot in March 2015

    December 5, 2014

    On 16-17 March 2015, the Permanent Court of Arbitration will host practice moots to prepare students for the Twenty Second Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna from the 27 March to 2 April 2015. The practice moots will be held at the PCA’s facilities in the Peace Palace.
    PCA to host Vis Pre-Moot in March 2015

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  • Peace Palace Library Neighbours

    May 14, 2012

    Written by Lise Bosman (ICCA) “The Academy Building also houses Permanent Court of Arbitration staff members working in cooperation with the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA). ICCA is a worldwide non-governmental organisation that celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2011, and is dedicated to promoting and developing arbitration, conciliation and other forms of dispute resolution. […]

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  • International Arbitration | Research Guide International Law

    International Arbitration

    International Arbitration is a method of dispute resolution whereby the parties agree to have their disputes resolved by one or more private individuals, i.e., the arbitrators rather than by a court of law. It requires the agreement of the parties, which is usually given via an arbitration clause that is inserted into the contract or agreement. The decision of the arbitrator(s) is final and binding on the parties on the basis of their initial agreement to arbitrate.

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