Library Users: Academy Students in the Spotlight

Ms. Gabriela ‘Gaby’ Saab from Brazil, studying in Brussels, Belgium

 "All the conferences and seminars of the Hague Academy Summer Course are really interesting, but having access to the large and valuable Catalogue of the Peace Palace Library is certainly the most amazing, unique experience. The Library offers precious and well-organized resources for scholars and students, allowing the course attendees to accomplish a much more fruitful studying period throughout their time here."

Mr. Vinai Kumar Singh from India, a PhD student at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New-Delhi

"With my heartfelt thanks and feelings, I want to express my genuine gratitude to all the staff members of the Peace Palace Library and The Hague Academy of International Law. The staffs gave a warm welcome to all readers and provided full information in a ready-made hand-out on how to access the Catalogue of the Library and in very unique and innovative ways helped the students in the Library. […] The Peace Palace Library is one of the best libraries in the world. I have enjoyed the Library and learned a lot from it’s available resources. The fantastic functioning of the Library is the one reason for my attending the Library every day. I really appreciate the way in which the staffs encourage the students who are not very well versed in using the internet and doing research from an online Catalogue and how to download materials as well. By doing this, the staffs put the library resources within the reach of the readers. […] I found the functioning of the library very interesting and as it creates innovative ways to do research. In fact, many students of our class have developed a liking to the Library. […] Once again, I would like to extend warm thanks to all staff of the Peace Palace Library and staff of the Hague Academy of International Law for all the superb work you have done and wish you best wishes for your future endeavours."

Mr. Frederico Lenci, from Italy, a PhD student from the University of Milan

"Attending  the academic and social activities of the Hague Academy of International Law constitutes one of the best ways for young students, lawyers and scholars to understand what it’s like  - at least for a certain period - to work and live in an international environment. Such an experience is likely to change their lives." 

Alioune Badara Thiam from Senegal, a PhD student from the University of  Macau

"I heard about the PPL by one of my friends who participated in the Academy Course in 2009.  I was then curious to discover it and benefit from the resources. So here I went! Now, I am at the Peace Palace Library, a research-friendly environment and a great source of inspiration. When I got my library card, that’s the time when my joy truly began. I am working on a complex topic thus a diversified collection may help me find out nexuses I am looking for. The Peace Palace Library is a place where I am also finding updated collections that are very relevant to my thesis. The enthusiastic librarians and academy staff make me truly feel at home. To this I will of course add the great feeling I have to sit between the International Court of Justice and the Academy Building and facing the beautiful garden. This environment always refreshes me and raises up my mind."

Ms. Anna Maria Magnifico from Canada

"As a former attendee of several sessions of The Hague Academy in past years, including the Centre for Studies and Research, I feel privileged to be able to return to the Academy, the Peace Palace and The Hague for the 2012 summer session. It is hard to think of a finer inspirational setting than the international city of peace and justice. The new expanded Library as well as the Auditorium are outstanding improvements over the former Academy facility. In the Academy tradition, the lectures have been full of scholarship as well as practitioner relevance - but as I get older and the attendees younger, I have been most impressed by the intelligence and zeal of the emerging generation of international jurists. Above all, the Academy experience is as much about formal learning as it is about camaraderie, better cultural understanding and new friendships among attendees - including all the "sidebar" discussions on current international events. I can only urge the Academy Class of 2012 to try to return to the Academy in future years."

Kotaro Shiojiri from Japan, an LL.M student at Harvard University, USA

"The hospitality of the librarians is the best part of my Peace Palace Library experience. Besides being very helpful in finding materials, they were kind enough to show me massive book shelves located underground where abundant resources are stored in. Their mechanism of responding promptly to the online requests was an epiphany for me. Conversations with librarians that I had everyday have been very inspiring and priceless for me."