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Thank you for your interest in conducting a research stay at the Peace Palace Library (PPL). PPL members may use the library's reading room and catalogues for their research, and individuals interested in conducting a research stay may apply for a letter of admission. While our staff cannot advise on individual research projects, these letters certify that members will have access to PPL facilities and resources.

To apply for a letter of admission, complete the form below. Please note that we can only approve research stays of six months or less. If your proposed research stay will take place more than six months from today's date, kindly wait and submit your request when your date of submission and date of arrival is within six months from each other.

Only complete applications will be considered. Kindly note that if your application is accepted, you will need to purchase a PPL membership prior to arriving in the Peace Palace in order to use our facilities and services.

If you will purchase a PPL membership closer your arrival date, you may skip this box.
If you are already subscribed, please enter your personal 7- to 12-digit barcode ID. (This can be found in your registration email or on the back of your PPL membership card.)
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