Library Instruction

'Unlock the secrets to our Library Catalogue and make the Peace Palace Library part of your international law success story!’ 

The Law Librarians offer instructional sessions on how to conduct legal research in the Peace Palace Library at all levels. 

Our main goal is to promote and enhance your understanding of our Library Catalogue or PPL Discovery, and how to apply tools and methods that will enable you to make optimal use of all Library resources at your disposal. 

Topics covered in the Library Instruction include: 

  1. Introduction to a wide variety of Library resources, digital and printed resources as well as the Recueil des Cours
  2. Search strategies
  3. Subject related instructions (Research Guides and Databases)
  4. Technology related instructions: new alert services (create alerts for TOC of journals and other alerts services to stay up to date on our newest on our newest arrivals and Library activities) 

To register, please send an email to

We will send you a confirmation notice with the date and time of your instruction session. The Library instruction is free of charge and lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. 

Custom-made Library Instruction

In recent years, the Peace Palace Library has created custom-made instructions for diplomats, interns and staff members of international organizations in The Hague and from abroad. For a custom-made session, we kindly request you to inform us well in advance of your particular area(s) of interest. For inquiries, please send an email to

The primary goal of the Peace Palace Library is to serve the information needs of the international legal community by providing a strong foundational basis for in-depth and comprehensive legal research in all areas of international law through our rich and up-to-date collections. We strive to provide our Users with high quality instructions to ensure they understand how to navigate the Library Catalogue as well as to contribute to their development of information literacy skills which can be valuable at a later stage in their career. 

We therefore look forward to meeting with you and we welcome your feedback that allows us to improve on future instructional sessions.