Embassy Centennial Book Donation Project: Argentina and Thailand


Our special Embassy Centennial Book Donation Project is still going strong! This month, the Embassies of Argentina and Thailand (picture) have generously donated many books to help us expand our National Law Collection. Find out what publications are now part of the Library Collection.

The Embassy of Argentina has enriched our national law collection by generously donating the following publications :

On February 6th, the Library received a pleasant visit from H.E. Virachai Plasai, Ambassador of Thailand. He was accompanied by a small delegations from the Thai Embassy. The Embassy of Thailand enriched our national law  collection by generously donating a three-volume treatise on Thai Criminal Law titled  Khamathibāi pramūan kotmāi āyā  by Professor Čhitti Tingsaphat, (1908-1995). It was first published in 1963, since then regularly updated, and the latest edition was published in 2010. This book which is a treatise of reference on criminal law for all Thai law students and legal practitioners addresses all the issues of criminal law including the complex ones by providing comprehensive explanations of Thai criminal law. In addition to the presentation of basic concepts and theories (topic by topic, article by article), the explanations of related legal doctrine and jurisprudence, the book also identifies the issues which are still open for academic debate and proposes some solutions. The book purports to expand the scope of knowledge in criminal law while referring to the comparative study of the evolution of the major domestic laws of other countries. Furthermore it also provides the explanation of the criminology principles of punishment, control and preventive measures.  This book is a chef-d’oeuvre, a masterpiece of Thai academic legal literature written by an alumni of the modern “law school” of Siam, established in 1897 which became today the University of Thammasat. This is a book that Thai law society is proud of and considers it as a model of an in-depth academic research work.

Professor Chitti Tingsabadh was born in 1908. He obtained a Bachelor of laws from the law school of the Ministry of Justice in 1927, then a Master of laws from the University of Thammasat in 1942 as well as a Master of laws from the University of Southern Methodist (Texas, USA) in 1957. He wrote a lot of legal text books including on civil and commercial law. Most of them are still the treatise of reference for Thai law students and practitioners.

Professor Tingsabadh has been a recognized practitioner and an active academic. He used to serve as the President of a chamber in the supreme court of Thailand. He was Dean and Professor Honoris Causa at the Faculty of law, University of Thammasat. In 1974, he was the President of Senate and in 1984, he was appointed member of the Privy Council and served the royal Council with great distinction until his death in 1995.


The Peace Palace Library would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to the Embassies of Argentina and Thailand in response to their recent book donations to our special book project as part of our Centennial celebrations.