Library User in the Spotlight: David Boers

"I moved to The Hague less than a year ago and I have been constructing my life here ever since. As a student at Leiden University College in The Hague, I study, live, eat and hang out with friends all in the same building (the campus next to The Hague Central Station). The first few weeks, this didn't really bother me. However, after a while the air and daylight deficiency made me feel like a vampire in my own home (contrary to vampires, however, I also didn't go outside at night). At some point, I was so fed up with the whole routine in such a limited space that I started looking for external places to study. The first and most obvious choice for me was the Royal Library (which is next to my campus), but since this place has no windows it didn't help me at all. After a while a second-year student at my campus recommended the Peace Palace Library to me. I myself barely knew what the Peace Palace was, let alone what its Library was all about.

The moment I entered the premises I was sold. It was on the brink of winter, but the gardens were still beautiful. The Library itself, the architecture, the natural flow of light, the tranquillity were unlike anything I had ever experienced, and on top of that the Library's facilities and staff suited all my needs. Nowadays I spend some four days per week in this serene environment: all I need to study is a laptop and preferably some WiFi. During the coming two academic years, I will probably choose to do a Major (the main attention of my bachelor) in International Law, which means that I can finally start making use of the Library's impressive collection."