Library User in the Spotlight: Cameron Smith

Andrew Carnegie held a vision that international law could be used as a vector for achieving international peace. As a fellow Scot who shares this optimism and hope for the utility of international law, it is a privilege to be able to spend time in what is the physical manifestation of Carnegie’s vision, the Peace Palace. Since relocating to The Netherlands, I regularly visit the library to take advantage of its invaluable and easily accessible collection and to experience the tranquil ambiance of its reading rooms. Despite my almost daily visits, I continue to be inspired by the majesty of the buildings and their surroundings which, with Spring in the air, are starting to bloom. As I ponder upon these past months spent at the Peace Palace I would like to thank all the staff for their helpfulness and dedication for making the library the place that it is. I’m sure if Carnegie was still with us he would be proud of what this institution has become.