Library User in the Spotlight: Juraj Hanuliak


Juraj Hanuliak, Ph.D. et Ph.D., partner at Nordcore consulting company, Czech Republic/Netherlands.

The Peace Palace Library is for me personally not only valuable due its extensive international law collections, but as well due the ambience of the Reading Room and inspiring legacy of the Peace Palace and The Hague itself. The extensive collection and e-resources of the library offer more than a sufficient tool to provide research and consultancy for our clients and partners and serve as well to knowledge base development. The sensitive interconnection of Schupp’s & Wilford’s new Library building with the historical building of the Peace Palace, gives airy but at the same time, a tranquil private working environment supported by professional staff members.

As our consulting project focuses mainly on the region of Iran and Western Asia, we do provide complex services for business companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions in the field the environment, water, labour, natural resources among other related fielsds. Together with our clients and partners we are looking for ethical, transparent and secure solutions serving all parties needs and goals. The powerful information sources from the Peace Library helps us prepare, anticipate and contribute to maintaining the best services with long term results.