Library User in the Spotlight: Mikayla Brier-Mills


'The Peace Palace Library is the place to be, because it is the place to focus, at peace'

Mikayla Brier-Mills studies law at Bond University, Australia. She came to The Netherlands to complete her exchange programme at Leiden University.


Mikayla is a scholar of public international law and is most passionate about international humanitarian law. “Humanising war may seem arbitrary, but limiting battlefield conduct was the first step towards world peace. It can’t happen in the blink of an eye. Presently, the world knows not of a universal humanity – to recognise this is the next step – and The Geneva Conventions (which could be better) are the best we got”. She continued, “We might as well start by working with what we have”.

Mikayla is a research assistant to: an international law professor, former US judge, the Principal Investigator for the MH 17 incident, a Human Rights Activist, a Barrister and the Director of the Bond University Student Law Review (in her capacity as student editor). She finds that, for her work, “the Peace Palace Library the place to be, because it is the place to focus, at peace”.

“The Peace Palace Library is actually peaceful. The library is an art gallery, a conference operator and a partner of The Hague Academy of International Law. In itself, it fulfils the promise of Carnegie to have a study space for students, and it acts as a commemorative hub for milestones in history where honour is due. To venture through all the books – you ought to consider becoming Captain of a ship rather than a professional runner. Its boundaries go far beyond those of a racetrack and are closer to those of the sea”.

After completing her Bachelor of Laws and admission in Australia, Mikayla intends to complete her PhD at Oxford University on a special topic in Public International law, with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a case study. To add personal exposure to her intellectual interest, she will undertake the position of a Foreign Law Clerk at the Israeli Supreme Court to Justice Salim Joubran from July 1 – December 31 2016 (Justice Salim Joubran is a Palestinian Christian and distinguished figure in improving the relationship between Jews and Arabs in Israel). Her favourite topics are ‘conflict resolution vs. conflict regulation’ and  ‘how to achieve a peace that knows of no war’.