Library User in the Spotlight: Marta Manzoni

Since the first time I entered the Peace Palace Library I feel grateful for having the opportunity of engaging in research for my master thesis in such an inspiring environment. The enormous and invaluable collection of the library is a fascinating territory to be explored for students keen on international law, with great passion for books, as I am.

The reading room of the library is an ideal working place and the glimpse of the magnificent tower of the Peace Palace visible from my seat makes even more special every moment spent there. Thanks to the well-structured online catalogue and the efficient organization of the library, doing academic research has never been so pleasant and simple.

Moreover, the Peace Palace Library offers a unique possibility to meet people coming from all other the world, with different backgrounds, experiences and dreams, but all joined by the same passion for international law. I am firmly certain that the research and study at the library not only add a special value to my thesis but represent also an extremely helpful and incomparable personal experience.