Online Centre for Studies Bibliography: “Epidemics and International Law”.

For the researchers of the Online Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations of the Hague Academy of International Law, Eveline van Trigt, jurist and a senior foreign, comparative, and international law librarian of the Peace Palace Library, has compiled a bibliography about epidemics and international law.

The directors of research for the Online Centre programme of 2020-2021 are Professor Shinya Murase (Sophia University, Tokyo) and Ms. Suzanne Zhou (McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer, Melbourne).

This bibliography is concerned with epidemics and international law. It deals both with epidemics in relationship to international law in general and with the interrelationships of several international law disciplines and applicable international law rules. This bibliography contains 13 Chapters.

The bibliography has been compiled from a number of sources. It concerns both digital and printed materials from the Peace Palace Library and also several (legal) sources from the internet. Such as: legal databases, research articles, legal blogs, repositories, webinars and other relevant sources. The bibliographic content is continually being updated and will reach its final shape and size in 2021.

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