Book Donation: Hablemos de Derecho Internacional Volumen I


The Library has recently received a donation of the book "Hablemos de Derecho Internacional Volumen I" from Mr Edgardo Sobenes. Mr Sobenes is an international lawyer and creator and host of the first podcast about international law in Spanish 'Hablemos de Derecho Internacional'. The Librarary is grateful for this donation.

The #1 legal podcast in Spanish HDI has recently published Hablemos de Derecho Internacional Volumen I. This book brings together leading and emerging scholars and practitioners to present an overview of various historical and contemporary aspects of public international law, the correlation between international law and its interpretation in Latin America, the future of the United Nations, the emergence of international environmental law, as well as justice and international proceedings, including those before the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. It also includes topics related to the law of the sea, blue economy, human rights and international humanitarian law such as the reparations of victims, the rights of indigenous peoples and legal discussions surrounding COVID-19.

Edgardo Sobenes

The book includes contributions from Philippe Couvreur, Antonio Remiro Brotons, Monique Chemillier-Gendreau, Juan Antonio Travieso, Mónica Feria-Tinta, María del Ángel Iglesias Vázquez, Iñigo de Miguel Beriain, Mario Santisteban Galarza, Juan Nascimbene, Asier Garrido Muñoz, Anne Coulon, Jorge Morales Pedraza, Juan Ramón Martínez Vargas, Carlos Gil Gandía, Laura Íñigo Álvarez, Ángel V. Horna and Pablo Ferrara.

This is the first publication made independently by a legal podcast and aims to promote the dissemination of international law in Spanish. The book is an essential resource for students, practitioners and academics alike interested in international law.

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