Library User in the Spotlight: Peter Whitton


My name is Peter Whitton and I am from a regional area in Australia between Sydney and Canberra. I have recently finished my master’s degree (LLM) in Public International Law, specialising in International Law of the Sea, International Environmental Law and Sustainability at Utrecht University here in The Netherlands.

The Peace Palace Library was an excellent resource during my studies and while conducting research for my thesis related to the recent developments in international law regarding Crimes against Humanity and how this could impact the principle of complementarity. I especially appreciated the Library for its attentive staff and its online and physical resources. I was always impressed with the Library's range of books and articles, which was important for a productive break away from the screen.

Unfortunately during my master’s degree the Peace Palace Library was closed for some of the academic year. During this time, I was still able to access the online resources but once the Library was open again, I felt I was fully enjoying the student experience.

What I really enjoy about the Peace Palace Library is the sense of motivation and excitement I always feel when I arrive. The building, the staff, the other Library users and the books all inspire me to do my best; it is why I keep coming back. I am currently working on an article regarding the environmental harm caused by some modern burial practices and how international environmental law covers or fails to cover this issue. I am pleased the Library’s resources can effectively accommodate my shift in research focus. This highlights a key benefit of the Library, being its ability to support the research of multiple legal disciplines. I would highly recommend to law students, practitioners and alike to utilise the Peace Palace Library.