Academy User in the Spotlight:  Kaja Hopej 

"The unique ambience of the Peace Palace Library is outstanding for those who are passionate about international law, both from a public and private perspective. For me, during the three weeks I spent at The Hague Academy of International Law, the Library became a space of inspiration and a wonderful environment to improve my individual academic knowledge and researcher’s competences. 

The diversity and richness of the collections offered by the Library is impressive, and the knowledge gained from studying publications, articles and books both online and in material form is invaluable. The surroundings in which the Library is located certainly contributes to this special feeling. A deeper understanding of international law within the walls of the Peace Palace, which is a symbol of international harmony, is a unique feeling and experience.

The Library itself, surrounded by breathtaking gardens, silence and tranquility offers a dedicated space for concentration and fruitful work. What makes the Library unique are its resources, which often provide the most niche topics on international law, such as space law, which is my main area of interest. Until now, I have not encountered such a rich selection as the Peace Palace Library has offered. 

I am honored and grateful to be part of the academic community centered around the Peace Palace Library and The Hague Academy of International Law and I hope that the values that the Peace Palace represents will be with me throughout all my career."

Kaja Hopej, PhD Candidate/Young Professional; Warsaw, Poland /Budapest, Hungary