Book Donation: 'Reflections on Earth Trusteeship: Mother Earth and a new 21st Century Governance Paradigm'


The Peace Palace Library is grateful to have received two copies of the above mentioned book by Mr Neshan Gunasekera, Co-Chair, Earth Trusteeship Working Group, Mr Hans van Willenswaard, Co-Editor INI Books and Mrs Wallapa van Willenswaard, Publisher.

The book is dedicated to the pioneering contributions made by many over the years and namely two individuals, 
-    to late H.E. Judge Christopher Gregory Weeramantry, (1926 – 2017) Former Vice President of the International Court of Justice, The Hague (1990 – 2002) for his pioneering contributions in expanding Principles of International Law and International Environmental Law, including the Principle of Trusteeship 
-    to late Ms Polly Higgins (1968 – 2019), Barrister and Ecocide Law expert, who co-founded the ECOCIDE Campaign and worked tirelessly for bringing about a broader consciousness and duty of care toward our Earth. 

International Solidarity for our Earth (SDG 17) is recognized through this publication where 23 authors from across the Earth, from diverse disciplines come together along with the support of several institutions and organizations.  

'Reflections on Earth Trusteeship' is now available through PPL Discovery:*

1)    Nnimmo Basey, Nigeria
2)    Michel Bauwens, Thailand/Belgium
3)    Klaus Bosselmann, Aotearoa, New Zealand/Germany
4)    Curls Summer School, Thailand
5)    Mayssam Daaboul, Lebanon
6)    Kelly Dorkenoo, Sweden/France
7)    Anwar Fazal, Malaysia
8)    Maja Groff, The Netherlands/Canada
9)    Neshan Gunasekera, Sri Lanka/Sweden
10)    Paulo Magalhäes, Portugal
11)    Henry Mentik, The Netherlands
12)    Raul Montenegro, Argentina
13)    Jessica den Outer, the Netherlands
14)    Joel Gustav Persson, Sweden
15)    Jose Ramos, Australia/Mexico
16)    Vandana Shiva, India
17)    Justin Sobion, Trinidad and Tobago/Aotearoa, New Zealand
18)    Prue Taylor, Aotearoa, New Zealand
19)    Dasho Karma Ura, Bhutan 
20)    Ole von Uexkull, Sweden
21)    Alyn Ware, Czech Republic/ Aotearoa, New Zealand
22)    Femke Wijdekop, the Netherlands 
23)    Hans van Willenswaard, Thailand, the Netherlands
24)    Wallapa van Willenswaard, Publisher, Thailand 

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