Peace Palace Surroundings Walking Tour

On a warm and sunny afternoon on Tuesday August 12, a group of 23 people gathered in front of the gate of the Peace Palace for a guided tour in the surrounding area. This pilot edition was an initiative of the Peace Palace Library for the students of The Hague Academy, but also for anyone else who was interested in taking part.  We started by viewing the imposing gate and adorning statues in front of the Peace Palace. These are allegories of Peace and Justice symbols such as Rights (Ius), Law (Lex) and Peace (Pax). During the construction of the Peace Palace, a chalet style building on Anna Paulownastraat 78 which is now home to the Soefi Temple, was the terminal station of the steam tram during the construction of the Peace Palace from 1907 until 1913. It was built to transport materials that were needed to build the Peace Palace that were donated by all the countries involved.

The tour included buildings related to historical figures, architectural designs, monuments of arts related to the history of the international peace movement and international law, Embassies and Residencies of nations that played an important role in the history of the Peace Palace and many other interesting places. All locations were connected, in one way or another, with the history of the Peace Palace.

Last but not least, the tour ended after 90 minutes with the statue of a prominent figure whose ‘Long walk to Freedom’ marks his importance in the legal capital of the world. The participants received a small gift at the end of first guided tour.  A small group walked back to the Peace Palace past the Indian Embassy and the Vatican’s for a photo opportunity where the Haagse Beek streams through the Peace Garden.

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