Terms and Conditions for Online Content

  1. Every individual academic User can use the Peace Palace Library’s online content. The Peace Palace Library authorizes Users and monitors usage. Consultation of digital resources for which the Peace Palace Library supplies the authentication is limited to personal research. All usage for business and commercial goals is strictly forbidden.
  2. Online content is available on the Reading Room terminals and through distant access for Peace Palace Library Membership Card holders. Username and password are strictly private and it is not allowed to share the username and password with third persons.
  3. It is forbidden to download excessive amounts of documents. When detecting excessive downloading, one warning will be issued to the User. Ignoring this warning will result in sanctions. See Library User Regulations Point 8. Fines and Sanctions.
  4. If the Peace Palace Library will be prosecuted for abuse of the download-facilities by Library Users, the Peace Palace Library will trace the User responsible and keep them accountable for any damages. Changes made and other infringements on licensed digital resources by end-Users harming the integrity of the data are illegal.