“Mare Liberum” in Persian!

The Peace Palace Library has received the Persian translation of Hugo Grotius’ famous book:

“Mare liberum”: Daryāi āzād = Mare liberum (The Free Sea), from chapter 12 of De Indis (De jure praedae commentarius) / Hūgū Grūsyūs;  transl. [from Latin] by Hossein Piran and published in 2011 by the Sharh-e-Danesh Insitute of Law Research and Study in Tehran.

Mr Piran who is Senior Legal Advisor at the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal in The Hague, and a  longtime client of the Peace Palace Library, kindly donated this book to the library.

This new translation, the only one in Persian, is a welcome addition to the Grotius Collection at the Peace Palace Library and it shows the interest even to this day in  Grotius’  thoughts on the law of the sea. The library has an original copy of the 1609 edition, published in Leiden.