Mr. Carnegie’s New Year Greeting

110 Years ago Andrew Carnegie sent his good wishes to President Theodore Roosevelt. Thanking him for his support to get The Hague Tribunal  accepted by the then concerned five opposing powers and thereby making it a viable means for settling international disputes. Carnegie referred to the "Big Four": the Russian Emperor Alexander II, President Abraham Lincoln, who banished slavery, the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and President Roosevelt, for their contributions to Peace among the Peoples and Nations of the World.

We stopped the clock on the first day of January 1903 just to show you as small but important stepping stone that led up to Andrew Carnegie's donation of one-and-a-halve million dollar, a Second Peace Conference in the Hague (1907) and finally to building the home of the Permanent  Court of Arbitration  (and a Library!). The dream of erecting a "Temple of Peace" became reality. It is situated in the iconic building the world now recognizes as "The Peace Palace" in The Hague, Netherlands, which will celebrate its Centenary in 2013.