‘Holland 1913. Exhibitions in 30 Towns’

The inauguration of the Peace Palace in August 1913 coincided with the ceremonies and festivities to commemorate the first centenary of Dutch liberation from French rule that summer. The year 1813 had marked the retrieval of independance and the return of the House of Orange-Nassau. Together with the presence of hundreds of celebrities attending one of the many conferences preceeding the imminent opening of the Palace, the city of The Hague gave the impression of a mondain capital, as reflected on this poster.

Catalogue description: 'Holland 1913. Exhibitions in 30 Towns. Particulars free of charge by the Official Information Office 45, L. Voorhout, The Hague'. Dutch poster, 790 x 560 mm. Dated 1913, designed by A.M. Luijt. Printer: Lankhout. 'A crowd stands in front of the newly opened Peace Palace as the seat of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. New hope for a peaceful world'.

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