Poster: Darf Belgien Englands Aufmarschgebiet werden?

Poster from World War I expressing German anxiety over the proposed construction of a Channel Tunnel linking Belgium and England, c.1914-1918. Translated from German: Can Belgium be allowed to become England’s deployment area?

Darf Belgien Englands Aufmarschgebiet werden?
Feindl. Aufmarsch am 8.Mobilm.Tag beendet
Beginn des Einmarsches am 9 Mobilm.Tag
Vernichtung der rheinisch westfäl.
Industrie droht vom 10.Mobilm.Tag an.
Hofbuchdruckerei Herman Bergmann ; Berlin S.W. 48

‘It has been suggested that a Channel Tunnel could have shortened World War One by two years because the British could have used it to supply their troops more effectively. Quite a sobering thought that, especially as we remember the 100th anniversary this year’.

Source: BBC News Business, Channel Tunnel is 20 years old: In numbers, by Richard Westcott, 5 May 2014.

‘During World War I they [the British military leaders] sorely wished that the tunnel had been built as it would have made supplying their troops France much easier’.

Source: Seven Wonders of the Modern World, The Channel Tunnel, by Lee Krystek, 2011.

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