Academy Students in the Spotlight: Private International Law


We're nearing the end of August which means the Private Law Course has ended and  the busy days in the Peace Palace are officially over. Fortunately, we heard from four students who have looked back at their time at the Academy and decided to share with us their thoughs on what turns out to have been a valuable experience. Here is what they have to say.

Kirti Dube, 5th-year Law student at Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University, India.

Sometimes a word may fall short to describe your feelings and the experience you had and I have some similar situation. I had one of the best summers of my life and a lifetime experience.

The Hague Academy of International Law is one of the most prestigious international law academies of the world and I was very fortunate to get an opportunity to spend six weeks attending the Summer Courses at this institution.The Academy is housed in on the beautiful premises of the Peace Palace alongside the highest judicial institutions such as International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The Public and Private International Law sessions provide you with the in-depth knowledge about International law. The lectures are given by the renowned professors from different universities across the globe. Through the course, we are able to do advanced studies of the legal aspects of international relations by the medium of research and teachings.The Peace Palace Library is one of the best International law libraries and I can spend hours sitting there. I also had an opportunity to visit prestigious institutions like The Hague Conference of Private International law, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice and an opportunity to meet Hon’ble Justice Dalveer Bhandari Sir, a former judge at the Supreme Court of India and current Judge at the ICJ.I met attendees from more than 90 countries and exchanged my thoughts and views with them. The knowledge increases when it is shared and this can be something I experience here. I am returning with memories which I will cherish for a lifetime, a bunch of friends who will be friends forever and I hope that I will be here again.

Zyad Loutfi (Egypt), Licence en droit, Cairo University; Masters degree in Comparative law, University of Paris Descartes

"It is extremely hard to find the right words to describe my experience at The Hague Academy of International Law. All I could say is that each and every one of us truly feels blessed to have been offered this opportunity. It is quite a privilege to be able to attend and follow the Academy's courses. Not only will you be exposed to advanced lectures by prominent scholars in the field of international law but you will also sense the international peaceful ambiance around you. Whether it’s the Peace Palace or the international courts around the city of peace and justice, you can be assured to have an amazing fully immersed experience in the realm of international law. I feel incredibly fortunate to have taken part in this year's Private International Law program. It has been an incredible challenge for me and I can feel how much it added a lot to my academic standing. The Peace Palace Library itself is a sea of open knowledge. I had the chance to research there which helped me get prepared for my PhD and future researches. Also, I enjoyed the hospitality of its staff and their support over the course of my stay. On a final note, I totally recommend this course for all law students and professionals eager and keen to follow hot topics on international law. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all parts of the world which indeed helps bridge the chasms between our new generation. I will definitely come back here in The Hague whether for another course in the Academy or just to enjoy this majestic city of peace and its neighboring villages. "

Mlle Tcheng Man OUN (Lili), Étudiante de droit l’Université de Panthéon-Sorbonne (France)

Etudiante entrant en master 2 de droit à la rentrée de septembre 2017, je n’aurais jamais pensé il y a encore un an pouvoir avoir le privilège de participer aux prestigieuses universités d’été de l’Académie de Droit International de la Haye. Et pourtant ! Me voici arrivée au terme de ces sessions, 6 semaines intensives de droit international privé et public.

Cette parenthèse juridique m’a submergée – positivement – tant sur le plan académique avec des professeurs de renommée et des sujets abordés extrêmement pertinents au regard de l’évolution de la matière et de notre société, que sur le plan humain, avec des rencontres enrichissantes d’étudiants et de professionnels venus des quatre coins du monde (près de 90 nationalités représentées). Que dire notamment des visites d’institutions (Cour Pénale Internationale, Tribunal Spécial pour le Liban, Iran-United States Claims Tribunal, OPCW...), qui m’ont fait découvrir de nouvelles facettes de la pratique du droit international !

Je suis venue sur la pointe des pieds, intimidée de marcher et de suivre les pas de tant d’autres étudiants, souvent illustres, dans cette Académie, et avide d’en apprendre. Je repars avec des connaissances et une expérience incomparables.

En attendant de (peut-être) revisiter ces murs, merci à tous ceux qui ont su rendre cette aventure si enrichissante, premier pas vers un futur que j’envisage aujourd’hui avec un renouveau d’optimisme.

Luisa Castillo Linares Lawyer, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

"Life is an opportunity, benefit from it" - Mother Teresa.

This line represents the amazing and incredible opportunity we were lucky enough to be given at the Hague Academy of International Law. This summer,  I had the opportunity to participate in the course on Private International Law, where I was able to learn and discuss current issues of International Law in our seminars and lectures. Among other things, we have visited international institutions in The Hague and spoke with the current staff members about their work. Also, we have participated in hearings of the International Criminal Court and met with Ambassadors among other – once- in- a- lifetime opportunities. In addition to this, my classmates are not only the brightest students, but also the kindest people I have met, which to me, represents the kindness that exist in our world. For all these reasons, the Summer Course at the Hague Academy of International Law has allowed us to develop our creativity as a jurist and widen our worldview which has helped us to understand our differences and similarities to build a justice system based on peace and respect.