Dalloz is a French legal database containing legal journals, legislation, legal commentaries and case law. The legal fields that are included in our subscription are: French civil law, criminal law, administrative law, business law, labor law, real estate as well as European and International Law. 

The Encyclopédie Juridique Dalloz contains twelve Répertoires, namely: Encyclopédie des collectivités locales, Répertoire de contentieux administrative, Répertoire de droit civil, Répertoire de droit commercial, Répertoire de droit communautaire, Répertoire de droit immobilier, Répertoire de droit international, Répertoire de droit pénal et de procédure pénale, Répertoire de droit des sociétés, Répertoire de droit du travail,  Répertoire de procédure civile and Répertoire de la responsabilité de la puissance publique.

The encyclopedias are frequently used by practitioners and scholars. They are of a high scholarly quality in that all the articles have been written by renowned judges, scholars, or practitioners.

Special attention for les fiches d' orientation which have been mentioned in the database section of our  Research Guides. See for example Européen et international: Européen et international | Dalloz (oclc.org)

Currently the Peace Palace Library has access to all content (Codes Dalloz, Revues Dalloz, Actualité, Jurisprudence) except for the following subjects: IP/IT et communication, Contentieux Administratifs, Associations.

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