Eyffinger, A., The World Court: Volume I: the Constitution (1870-1920), 2023

A Trilogy on the History of the World Court
The present volume is the first in a trilogy which addresses the genesis and the first century of operation of the World Court. This volume assesses the Constitution of the Court (1870-1920) from the wider historical perspective and in light of the time-honoured aspiration to improve on the condition of mankind. Volume II covers the Implementation of the concept and the pioneering years of the PCIJ (1921-1946). Volume III addresses the seventy-five years of the ICJ (1946-2022).

Dr. Arthur Eijffinger is classicist, law historian, and former Head librarian of the International Court of Justice (1988-2003). He edited works of Hugo Grotius and published monographs on the history of the Peace Palace (1988), the ICJ (1996), the Hague Peace Conferences (1999, 2007) and Tobias Asser (2019).