Hutt, S., Cultural Property Law: A Practitioner's Guide to the Management, Protection, and Preservation of Heritage Resources, 2017

Crossing into many disciplines, cultural property law continues to grow as an established area of practice and study. Now completely updated, this book provides an accessible and objective overview of all major components of an interdisciplinary legal practice that extends from government and tribal management of land to federal underwater resource management to the national and international laws governing museums and the arts marketplace. This practical, balanced, and clearly written guide: (i) identifies the components of the area of practice, offering a guide to their application in legal practice; (ii) follows the primary practice areas in the field, highlighting the laws and controlling cases that apply to the practice area identified in each chapter; (iii) provides frequently asked questions for each area of practice; and (iv) covers recent cases, regulations, and laws in the field, as well as a discussion of evolving legal concepts and an expanded treatment of emerging areas of law.