International Family Law describes all family law matters with an international element. People are increasingly mobile, living outside their country of origin and experiencing international relationships more frequently. In such cross border situations the rules of international family law determine jurisdiction and the aplicable family law. The closest link to determine which national family law rules are applicable to specific family matters is the habitual residence or domicile of the parties concerned. Family matters include marriage, divorce, maintenance obligations, spouses, inter-country adoption, lineage, inheritance etc.

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Gray, J., Party Autonomy in EU Private International Law. Choice of Court and Choice of Law in Family Matters and Succession, 2021
This book focuses on the concept of party autonomy in cross-border family matters and succession in EU private international law. It analyses the choice of court and choice of law provisions that has been developed within this framework over the past two decades.
Bernard, E., M. Cresp, M. Ho-Dac (Sous la dir. de), La famille dans l'ordre juridique de l'Union européenne = Family within the Legal Order of the European Union, 2020
Le droit de la famille, dans sa dimension civiliste, fortement ancré dans les cultures nationales des États membres, est une matière qui ne relève pas, en principe, du droit de l’Union européenne.
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The EUPILLAR database provides case law on the Brussels I (Brussels I Recast), Brussels IIa, Maintenance, Rome I and Rome II Regulations and the Maintenance Protocol in the Court of Justice of the European Union and in Belgium, Germany, England and Wales, Italy, Poland, Scotland and Spain from the entry into force of the Brussels I Regulation on 1 March 2002.

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