Judge Yusuf: 'We all have the common language of international law’


One of the highlights of the Academy’s Public Law Session was a Lecture held by Judge Abdulqawi Yusuf, the current President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Judge Yusuf spoke about his career, the work of the Court and engaged in a Question and Answer Session with the students.

When Judge Yusuf gave his inspiring lecture at the public law session of the Academy this year, the Auditorium was not only filled with many students but also in attendance were some prominent members of the international legal community. Judge Yusuf spoke on a variety of subjects such as the ways in which the Court contributes to the development of international law, how judgments are created by the Court and in what ways the work of the Court has changed over the last decades. Also discussed were some of the famous cases in the history of the ICJ and the importance and value of the separate and dissenting opinions.

Judge Yusuf stated that he feels very passionate about his work and described it as 'a labour of love' even though the different stages of the work can sometimes be quite laborious.

After the Lecture, students were allowed to ask questions in English and French. It is fair to say that Judge Yusuf made a lasting impression on all members of the audience.