Cheng, Z., History of War Crimes Trials in Post 1945 Asia Pacific, 2019

Written by the Director of the Tokyo Trial Research Centre at China's Shanghai Jiao Tong University, this book provides a unique analysis of war crime trials in Asia-Pacific after World War II. It offers a comprehensive review of key events during this period, covering preparations for the Trial, examining the role of the War Crimes Commission of the United Nations as well as offering a new analysis of the trial itself. Addressing the question of conventional war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace (such as the Pearl Harbor Incident) and violations of warfare law, it follows up with a discussion of post-trial events and the fate of war criminals on trial. Additionally, it examines other Japanese war crime trials which happened in Asia, as well as considering the legacy of the Tokyo trial itself, and the foundation of a new Post-War International Order in East Asia.

Zhaoqi Cheng is Professor and Director of Center for the Tokyo Trial Studies of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. His research focuses on Tokyo Trial studies, Nanjing Massacre studies, and related research.