Dunk, F.G. von der, Advanced Introduction to Space Law, 2021

Frans von der Dunk, a leading authority on space law, presents a nuanced introduction to the topic, explaining the legal rules, rights and obligations applicable to activities in outer space and activities that precede operations in space. He analyzes the interaction of these elements as well as how international organizations relate to the core tenets of space legislation.

Key features include:
• an accessible and engaging writing style
• a forward-looking approach to how technological developments will be addressed in law
• discussion of space law within the boundaries of technology, operations, economics and politics
• consideration of fundamental paradigm changes, such as the increasing commercialization and privatization of space activities.

This Advanced Introduction is ideal for advanced students looking for a clear and concise overview of space law. It also provides an entry point for academics and practitioners who need to understand the relationship between space and law.