Grotius Collection Online: Printed Works

The Grotius Collection Online, which is available through Brill, consists of 267 printed works by Dutch humanist and jurist Hugo Grotius (1583-1645) and are published between 1609-1941. Since the opening of the Peace Palace in 1913, these publications have been held here in our Library as part of the renowned Grotius collection. A total of 205 titles from this collection were published on microfiche at an earlier stage in the collections on international law and jurisprudence. Later on, 18 more titles have been digitized from microfiche, that were not published before. The last 44 titles have been newly scanned and added to this online collection. A highlight of this database is the rare first state of the first edition of the De Iure Belli ac Pacis, purchased in 2012 by the Peace Palace Library.

The result is an indispensable source of information covering a wide range of disciplines. From law, jurisprudence and diplomacy to philosophy, history and theology. This collection enables scholars to examine the work of Hugo Grotius, quickly and efficiently online. The titles in this collection can be divided into a few subject categories and are written in several languages such as English, French, Spanish, Polish, German, Dutch, Italian, Latin and various other languages. Subjects categories are history (works by Hugo Grotius), jurisprudence (works by Hugo Grotius), international law (works on Hugo Grotius), √©critures (works on Hugo Grotius), theology (works on Hugo Grotius), and poetry (works by Hugo Grotius). Start your research here.