HeinOnline: Air and Space Law

HeinOnline’s Air and Space Law illustrates the history of air and spaceflight through the programs and people that made these dreams possible. Bringing together documents on private-sector pioneers with government-funded programs, users of this database are able to see how governments and regulators reacted to these new technologies, the accidents and disasters that prompted reform, and the new frontiers that await as technology advances at an improbable speed. Topics covered include: airline deregulation; air traffic control modernization; airline safety concerns in a post-9/11 world; drones; satellites and their essential function in modern life; the Space Shuttle Program, including investigation of the Columbia and Challenger disasters; the growing problem of space debris; and the increasing amount of private, commercial companies and their stake in space.

HeinOnline editors have analyzed and subject-coded every title in this collection, creating and assigning 29 unique subjects to help users find material most relevant to their research. Further categorizing the content, this entire collection is organized by Outer Space and Suborbital Space, separating titles dealing with matters on celestial bodies (Outer Space) from those concerned with earthbound air travel (Suborbital Space).

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