In The Community of Interest Approach in International Water Law, Julie Gjørtz Howden identifies the normative elements of the community of interest approach (COIA) in international water law, and demonstrates how the approach can provide a legal framework for common management of international watercourses. Through analyses of various features of international watercourse cooperation and common management, the book determines the main principles and the underlying values of the COIA, and discusses how the approach contributes to the development of international water law. 

Although the COIA is one of the central theories of international water law, very few analytical accounts of its legal features exist. Through The Community of Interest Approach in International Water Law, Howden offers a new and fresh approach to international water law that pulls together questions of holistic management, State sovereignty, public participation and river basin organisations into the analyses of the COIA and its relevance for managing transboundary watercourses today.