Indlekofer, M., International Arbitration and the Permanent Court of Arbitration, 2013

The modern tendency to restrict international arbitration to matters of  commerce and investment is succumbing to a renewed recognition of the original  impetus for dispute resolution by arbitration – i.e., matters of public  international law, most importantly the settlement of disputes that pose a  threat of international conflict. Recent developments suggest a renaissance of  public international arbitration, most clearly manifested in the present  flourishing of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), the oldest existing  dispute settlement institution in international law. As the calls for the development of new and more appropriate methods for  dispute settlement in international law increased during the 1990s, the PCA  undertook a structural reform and is today a vital forum for dispute  settlement, with scores of arbitrations currently pending under its auspices.  This book – the most comprehensive study of the institution to date, covering  its history, its present status, and its future prospects – proves the PCA’s  contemporary relevance within the international dispute settlement framework.