Juridische Databank Benelux Unie

This French-Dutch legal database enables all users access to the full-text of all legal instruments of the Benelux Union, dating from 1960 to the present day. It contains approximately 800 legal documents, namely: directives, decisions, agreements, decrees, recommendations and accords. Annual reports, work programs and announcements are published in the Benelux Bulletin, an online publication available on the website of the Benelux Union.

The Benelux Union is an intergovernmental regional organization between Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg, first established in 1944. The purpose of the Benelux Union is to deepen and expand the cooperation between the contracting states so that it can continue its role as a precursor within the European Union and strengthen and improve cross-border cooperation at every level. Key areas are the (internal) market and economic union, sustainable development, justice and home affairs. Start your research here.