Juta Law

Juta Law is a renowned publisher of legal content from the African continent and is committed to unlocking the wealth of legal knowledge for a diversity of users. Together with the bulk of South Africa’s Law Reports series, it includes writings by over 300 authors and contributors from academia, the judiciary and private practice that are now published in electronic form.

Juta's Law Journals includes: South African Law Reports, Statutes, journals and other commentary publications to meet the requirements of a diverse range of legal information users. Subject coverage ranges from administrative, civil procedure, commercial, constitutional, criminal, intellectual property, international, labour, mining, revenue and shipping law. Aside from South-African Law, Juta's Law Journals also provides access to the legal materials from Zimbabwe (case law), Namibian Law Reports, Statutes of Zimbabwe, Tanzania Law Reports, a Trilingual Legal Dictionary (English- Afrikaans- Latin) and Zambia Law Reports. Start your research here.